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St Peter's CE Primary Academy



At St Peter's the Religious Education curriculum is taught through the Leicestershire SACRE and

Understanding Christianity.  Understanding Christianity covers eight core concepts identified at the

heart of mainstream Christian belief.  It sets out knowledge ‘building blocks’, to clarify what pupils

should know and understand about these concepts at each school phase.


The aim of the RE curriculum at St. Peter's is to give children a deep knowledge of Christianity and

an understanding of different world religions.  Children need to gain an understanding of the cultural

conventions, moral traditions, customs and faith which embody the fundamental values of all the

communities which they may come into contact with locally and globally in their lifetimes.


By the end of Year 6, we hope that children have taken on board the key themes and beliefs taught

to help them show empathy, tolerance and understanding for those different faiths and to understand

how different faiths and cultures have shared themes.