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St Peter's CE Primary Academy



The Governing Body Of St. Peter's

24th October 2023


Find out all about our Governors on the following links.

Here are our Governors:


Emily Holt (Headteacher)   Appointed April 23                                       

Ali Grimshaw (Foundation) Chair of Governors  Science Link Governor, English Governor, Equality Governor   Appointed June 2023   

Lilian Macleod Foundation)   Safeguarding/Health and Safety Link Governor    Appointed June 2023              
Simon Jeffers (Foundation)   Anti - Bullying Link Governor, Wellbeing Governor and SEND Governor    Appointed February 2021                             
Sian Warner (Staff)   Appointed September 2022

Rebecca England (Staff) History and Geography Governor Appointed September 2023

Andy Ridout (Foundation)  Pupil Premium Governor, Maths Governor and GDPR         Appointed November 2022                                              
Rev Mark Poskitt (Incumbent Diocese of Leicester) RE/SIAMs Link Governor   Appointed September 2016
Joyce Moore (Clerk to the GB) Appointed September 2020